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 F.A.Q., List of supported phones, cables/pinouts

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PostSubject: F.A.Q., List of supported phones, cables/pinouts   7/4/2012, 11:52 am

List of models supported by Infinity-Box

List of Infinity-Box supported models


Official Infinity-Box site: and
Support e-mail for sales questions:
Support e-mail for technical support questions:
Support e-mail for question regarding dongle upgrade etc. (private data related):
Support e-mail to send new flash files for "Chinese" models:
Support e-mail to send new flash files for ordinary models:

Information about reseller, box packages, supported models

How to buy Infinity-Box
Models supported by Infinity-Box
Different Infinity-Box'es on market, How many cables included in package etc.


How to solve installation problems, #1
How to solve installation problems, #2
Infinity-Box + Vista
Error 1327. Invalid drive x:\
Installation/driver problem "smart card resource manager is not running"
Smart Card subsystem Repairer

Manuals, tutorials

Basics Video Tutorials: How to use Infinity-Box !
You have new phone model and want to see it supported ?
Information regarding e-mail support
How to enter in support area and download files
Infinity-Box University project: Lessons


Where to find pinouts ? What cable to use ? What is "Infinity-Box cable selector"
How to build your own cable: detailed info with pictures and step-by-step description

Box problems and solutions (smart-card related)

Card keys is damaged, Your account is suspended etc.
Warning ! Your smart-card can be attacked by harmful software !
One more warning for all Infinity-Box users: damaged smart-cards
Do not post your box/card Serial Number (S/N) for public use or YOUR BOX/CARD WILL BE BLOCKED
Warning ! Usb Sharing can harm your dongle
Dongle Registration/Upgarde
How to update/upgrade dongle
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F.A.Q., List of supported phones, cables/pinouts
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