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 NCK Dongle Samsung Module v2.9 Released

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NCK Dongle Samsung Module v2.9 Released Empty
PostSubject: NCK Dongle Samsung Module v2.9 Released   NCK Dongle Samsung Module v2.9 Released Empty10/5/2013, 9:02 am

Added Direct Unlock Code Read for Samsung Swift - Models Supported:

Code: SGH-A137 ,SGH-A226 ,SGH-A227 ,SGH-A237 ,SGH-A256 ,SGH-A257 ,SGH-A437
GT-B2100 ,GT-B2100C ,SGH-B270i ,GT-B3410 ,GT-B3410L ,GT-B3410R ,GT-B5702
GT-B5702C ,GT-B5712 ,GT-B5712C ,GT-B5722 ,SGH-C01 ,GT-C3212 ,GT-C3212i
GT-C3300i ,GT-C3310C ,GT-C3510 ,GT-C3518 ,GT-C3610 ,GT-C3610C ,GT-C5212
GT-C5212C ,GT-C5212I ,SGH-D600 ,SGH-D600e ,SGH-D606 ,SGH-D608 ,SGH-D610
SGH-D618 ,SGH-D780 ,SGH-D788 ,SGH-D820 ,SGH-D825 ,SGH-D828 ,SGH-D900
SGH-D900E ,SGH-D900i ,SGH-D900P ,SGH-D908 ,SGH-D908i ,SGH-D980 ,SGH-D988
GT-E1086i ,GT-E1110c ,GT-E1150i ,GT-E1170i ,GT-E1186i ,GT-E1195 ,GT-E1200m
GT-E1360M ,GT-E1390 ,SGH-E200 ,SGH-E200B ,SGH-E208 ,SGH-E230L ,SGH-E236
GT-E2370 ,SGH-E250 ,SGH-E250D ,SGH-E250i ,SGH-E250L ,SGH-E250V ,SGH-E250W
SGH-E251 ,GT-E2510 ,GT-E2510 ,GT-E2510C ,SGH-E251C ,GT-E2550 ,GT-E2550D
SGH-E256 ,SGH-E258 ,SGH-E258d ,SGH-E260 ,SGH-E340 ,SGH-E340e ,SGH-E348
SGH-E350 ,SGH-E350E ,SGH-E358 ,SGH-E370 ,SGH-E376 ,SGH-E380 ,SGH-E388
SGH-E390 ,SGH-E398 ,SGH-E480 ,SGH-E488 ,SGH-E500 ,SGH-E508 ,SGH-E590
SGH-E598 ,SGH-E640 ,SGH-E648 ,SGH-E670 ,SGH-E690 ,SGH-E698 ,SGH-E730
SGH-E736 ,SGH-E740 ,SGH-E747 ,SGH-E748 ,SGH-E750 ,SGH-E758 ,SGH-E760
SGH-E768 ,SGH-E780 ,SGH-E786 ,SGH-E788 ,SGH-E830 ,SGH-E838 ,SGH-E890
SGH-E898 ,SGH-F110 ,SGH-F118 ,SGH-F150 ,SGH-F158 ,SGH-F250 ,SGH-F250L
SGH-F256 ,SGH-F258 ,SGH-F260 ,SGH-F265 ,SGH-F266 ,SGH-F268 ,SGH-F270
SGH-F270i ,SGH-F270L ,SGH-F275L ,SGH-F278 ,SGH-F278i ,SGH-F480L ,SGH-F488E
SGH-G600 ,SGH-G600L ,SGH-G608 ,SGH-G610 ,SGH-G618 ,SGH-G808E ,SGH-I710
SGH-I718 ,SGH-I720 ,SGH-I728 ,SGH-I750 ,SGH-I858 ,SGH-J150 ,SGH-J158
SGH-J210 ,SGH-J218 ,SGH-J700 ,SGH-J700G ,SGH-J700I ,SGH-J700L ,SGH-J700V
SGH-J706 ,SGH-J708 ,SGH-J708C ,SGH-J708I ,SGH-J770 ,SGH-J778 ,SGH-J808E
SGH-L250 ,SGH-L258 ,SGH-L310 ,SGH-L318 ,SGH-L600 ,SGH-L608 ,SGH-L708E
SGH-L750 ,SGH-L758 ,SGH-M150 ,SGH-M158 ,SGH-M200 ,SGH-M208 ,SGH-M2310
SGH-M2710 ,SGH-M2710C ,SGH-M3200 ,SGH-M3310 ,SGH-M3310C ,SGH-M3318
SGH-M3318C ,SGH-M3510 ,SGH-M3510C ,SGH-M3510L ,SGH-M610 ,SGH-M618
SGH-P180 ,SGH-P200 ,SGH-P207 ,SGH-P220 ,SGH-P240 ,SGH-P250 ,SGH-P260
SGH-P780 ,SGH-P788 ,SGH-P850 ,SGH-P858 ,GT-S3100 ,GT-S3100C ,GT-S3110
GT-S3600 ,GT-S3600C ,GT-S3600H ,GT-S3600I ,GT-S3600I ,GT-S3600L ,GT-S3601
SGH-S366 ,GT-S5050 ,GT-S5050C ,GT-S5200 ,GT-S5200C ,GT-S5220 ,GT-S9402
SGH-T219 ,SGH-T219S ,SGH-T229 ,SGH-T249 ,SGH-T249R ,SGH-T329 ,SGH-T339
SGH-T349 ,SGH-T369 ,SGH-T369R ,SGH-T379 ,SGH-T401 ,SGH-T409 ,SGH-T429
SGH-T439 ,SGH-T456 ,SGH-T459 ,SGH-T509 ,SGH-T619 ,SGH-T729 ,SGH-T739
SGH-T809 ,SGH-U708E ,SGH-U800E ,SGH-U808E ,SGH-U900L ,SGH-U908E ,SGH-X670
SGH-X678 ,SGH-X690 ,SGH-X698 ,SGH-X700 ,SGH-X708 Some Minor Bugs Fixed

Official Download Link:

NCK Dongle Installers

Official Website:

NCK Dongle
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NCK Dongle Samsung Module v2.9 Released
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