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 Infinity-Box update / support policy changes effective 01 January 2012

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PostSubject: Infinity-Box update / support policy changes effective 01 January 2012   2/4/2012, 2:11 pm

New updates/support policy is related to Main Infinity-Box only.
Other Infinity-Box products leave with old update/support policy.

Each box registered before 01 January 2012 get 18 months (1,5 years)
free update and support area access, after which the box is subjected
for yearly paid activation for new updates and support area access.
All box activated after 31 December 2011 get free update and support
area access for 12 months (one year), after which you need to purchase
activation which is valid for 12 months (one year) of software updates
and support area access
3. Free updates/support period started from the date of initial registration procedure (first smart-card upgrade)
4. After 12 month: each one more year updates/support period price will be 120 Infinity-Credits (about 40 USD)
5. User can see actual Account Expiration Date in Online Service or in Support/Download area
6. User can activate new updates/support period via Online Service in real time

- Detailed instruction how to use Online Service is here
- For purchasing credits you can contact your reseller, or check reseller list here
- To become a reseller you can contact us directly: Infinity-Box - Contacts

Last days we have several messages from our Dear Users, where they
complain that we promised them 18 months of support (for users,
registered before 01-01-2012) but we do not give it to them.
It's sounds little bit strange, especially because all that users have
registered their boxes in years 2006, 2007, 2008, so they have used free
updates/support several years already.
As a result of that complains here is an example:
Let's imagine that user registered his box in year 2005, f.e. 01-Dec-2005
Now is year 2012, so...
01-Dec-2005 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2006
01-Dec-2006 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2007
01-Dec-2007 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2008
01-Dec-2008 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2009
01-Dec-2009 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2010
01-Dec-2010 + 12 months = 01-Dec-2011
This means, that user who registered his box 01-Dec-2005 have got from
us 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 1 = 73 (seventy three) months free
support and updates.

How to check your account Activation/Expiration time:

1. Login to your Online Service account
2. See your account details:

How to activate new updates/support period:

1. Login to your Online Service account, click here to see how you can find link for Online Service or go to here: Infinity-Box - Online Service
2. Go to "Products price list and Addons" menu
3. Enter your Infinity-Box S/N (8 symbols) near "Main Infinity-Box 1 year updates/support" line
4. Click to "Buy" button
5. Actually it's the same process like additional software activations,
so many Resellers and Users already know how to manage it

If you do not have Infinity-Credits on your account you can contact to any nearest reseller and buy Infinity-Credits: Infinity-Box - How to buy
If you can not buy Infinity-Credits from reseller, you can contact to or
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Infinity-Box update / support policy changes effective 01 January 2012
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